Tourism Marketing Specialists

Hotel Marketing Specialists

For nearly two decades, Profimercadeo has been a leader in the tourism and hotel marketing industries in Costa Rica. We have a wealth of contacts at the local and international level that guarantee our clients’ global success. The tourism and hospitality markets in Costa Rica and also globally are our specialties.

Marketing is often difficult for tourism and hospitality companies, because it consumes significant time and resources, when the industries are nearly always operating at hyper speed. With our substantial experience and enviable international platform of contacts, Profimercadeo has the infrastructure and qualified personnel to run your company’s vital marketing program. With absolute efficiency, we bring you solutions.

As if traditional marketing channels weren’t enough to think about, internet marketing has taken the world by storm and is one of the most powerful channels to win public attention and clients. According to a September 2011 publication, Stunning Social Media Statistics, one in every nine people on the planet is a Facebook user, and Twitter manages an average of 190 million tweets per day. The New York Times reported that in 2010, over 107 trillion emails were sent.